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Enhance Your Train Journey with Delicious Catering Services from Travelkhana App: Check PNR Status Easily!

December 4, 2023 | by railinfo.in

Enhance Your Train Journey with Delicious Catering Services from Travelkhana

Update Your PNR Status on the Go with Travelkhana App – Never Miss a Train Update


Travelkhana, the leader in food delivery for trains and airports, has expanded its services to include PNR status checking for train travelers. Now passengers can easily check their ticket booking status through the Travelkhana mobile app or official website. This new feature aims to provide convenience and accurate information to travelers, making their journey hassle-free. With Travelkhana, passengers can now enjoy hygienic and delicious meals while staying informed about their ticket status. Visit the Travelkhana app or official website for more information.

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The Convenience of Checking PNR Status with Travelkhana

Travelkhana is a boon for e-commerce in food delivery in trains, Airports, Buffets and offsites. The Travelkhana app makes catering services easy during your train journey. It is one of the most successful food brands that are easily accessible with a few clicks. The main motive of Travelkhana is to provide delicious meals on trains, Airports, Buffets and offsites, making your train journey an everlasting experience in terms of availability of hygienic and delicious food. Now Travelkhana has expanded its business horizon to enhance the convenience of travelers. We are all set to keep passengers informed about their ticket booking status by checking PNR status through Travelkhana Mobile App / Official Website. Being one of the most congested railway networks, it is quite difficult to get a confirmed ticket to plan a journey through Indian Railways.

PNR Status

Information is displayed when checking the PNR status

When you check your PNR, it shows all the important information a passenger needs to know before boarding a train.

  • Name of the train
  • Train number
  • Boarding date: the date the passenger boards the train.
  • From: This means the starting station from where the train starts its journey.
  • Destination: the destination where the train ends its journey.
  • Boarding Point: the station where passengers board the train.
  • Reserved Upto: station where passengers get off the train.
  • Booking status: includes bus number, berth, quota
  • Current status: includes bus number, berth

PNr Status

Charting Status

Shows the status of the map whether it is ready or not. If it is not ready, it will show “chart not ready”. But when it is ready, it will show as “Chart is ready”. Note. If the status display chart is complete and your current status is still pending, your booking has not been confirmed for travel.

PNR Status

RAC Status

Sometimes Indian Railways manages to confirm your ticket in RAC which stands for Reservation against Cancellation. When you check your PNR status online, it can show the status of your ticket whether it is confirmed or in RAC. In RAC mode, the seating arrangement is reserved for the passenger. The lower side bed in each compartment is specially designed for passengers with RAC status.

Note: When the current status shows in CNF, it means the booking is confirmed. Download the Travekhana app to stay updated about your PNR status.


In conclusion, Travelkhana is revolutionizing food delivery and catering services on trains, airports, buffets, and offsites. With the addition of PNR status checking, it offers a comprehensive solution for travelers. By providing accurate and timely information, Travelkhana enhances the overall train journey experience for passengers. Download the Travelkhana app for seamless PNR status updates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Travelkhana App?

The Travelkhana App is a mobile application that allows users to track and update their PNR status for train travel in India. It also offers various other features such as ordering food on the go and booking other travel services.

2. How can I keep my PNR status updated with the Travelkhana App?

To keep your PNR status updated with the Travelkhana App, simply enter your PNR number into the app and it will track the real-time status of your train journey. You will receive notifications and updates as your journey progresses.

3. Is the Travelkhana App easy to use?

Yes, the Travelkhana App is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Simply download the app, create an account, and input your PNR number to start tracking your journey status.

4. Can I order food through the Travelkhana App?

Yes, the Travelkhana App also allows users to order food for delivery at their train seat. Simply browse the menu, select your items, and place your order through the app.

5. What other travel services does the Travelkhana App offer?

In addition to tracking PNR status and ordering food, the Travelkhana App also offers services such as booking cab rides, hotels, and bus tickets for a seamless travel experience.

6. Is the Travelkhana App available for all train routes in India?

Yes, the Travelkhana App is available for use on all train routes across India, making it a convenient tool for all train travelers.

7. Can I track multiple PNR statuses on the Travelkhana App?

Yes, the Travelkhana App allows users to track multiple PNR statuses at once, making it easy to manage and stay updated on all train journeys.

8. Is the PNR status information provided by the Travelkhana App accurate?

Yes, the PNR status information provided by the Travelkhana App is sourced directly from official railway sources, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

9. How can I download the Travelkhana App?

You can download the Travelkhana App for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Simply search for “Travelkhana” and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app on your device.

10. Are there any additional benefits to using the Travelkhana App?

Yes, in addition to PNR status updates and food orders, the Travelkhana App also offers exclusive discounts and deals on various travel services, making it a valuable tool for savvy travelers looking to save money on their journeys.


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