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Indian Railways to Introduce GPS Devices in 100 Trains for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency | Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation Project

November 28, 2023 | by railinfo.in

Indian Railways to Introduce GPS Devices in 100 Trains for

“Indian Railways Set to Enhance Safety and Efficiency with GPS Technology Implementation”


Indian Railways is set to revolutionize train transportation by introducing GPS devices in 100 trains under the Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation project. This technology aims to provide real-time tracking of train locations, reduce accidents, and improve passenger safety. The CRIS has allocated approximately Rs. 70 crore for this modernization initiative.

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Indian Railways to Introduce GPS Devices in Trains

With the advancement of technology now striking a chord with Indian public transportation services, Indian Railways is also planning to introduce GPS devices in most of their trains.

Indian Railway,GPS in Train

GPS or Global Positioning System refers to a tracking device that will be fitted in 100 trains with an effort to map the location of these trains up to 10 meters and within a 2 minute delay. Under this pipeline project – Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation (SIMRAN), all trains including Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto will be monitored by a satellite-based navigation system.

Though, it’s an attempt to bring modernization in the railways, the location mapping will help in providing precise location of the trains through interactive mode on mobile phones, laptops, thereby eliminating the need for telephone inquiry. At present, the monitoring of train schedules is done manually which causes confusion in case of crisis situations and end up with colliding of the traffic on tracks.

Reports suggest that the execution strategy for this project has already started between the Chennai and Tambaram railway stations. And GPS has contributed to the successful scheduling of 364 trains on this route. Installing GPS devices will cost roughly Rs. 70,000 – Rs. 1,00,000 per train.

Estimated Costs and Partnerships

Approximately Rs. 70 crore is estimated to be assigned to this project by the Center for Railway Information System (CRIS). Indian Space Research Organization has partnered with CRIS to aid in the development of this technology for the benefit of people all over India.

If the supports are to believe, the inclusion of GPS modernization in trains would also help in reducing the number of accidents and fatalities that take place on the railroads. As per the recent stats, the death toll in India was 120 last year, and has already reached 22 this year. Hence, GPS devices will allow trains to locate one another and reduce the chance of accidents. During bad weather too, most of the accidents shall be avoided due to its proximity warning and other alert features. Individuals might also be able to track the trains using Google maps. This will give passengers exact locations of their whereabouts and expected times of trains as well.

Future Plans for Indian Railways

For the coming months, Indian Railways has further indicated the provision of Internet in running trains, extension of optical fiber cable (OFC) over the entire rail route, IP based train control communication and replacement of overhead alignment with underground cables/OFC in order to improve services to passengers, improve reliability of the communication system and improve safety and capability of the transport system. The new Train enquiry system uses this tracking facility and allows for positional tracking of   trains.

Another interesting tracking service can be used at www.oyatri.com which allows you to track the train on SMS by keeping you updated about real time train movements, delays etc.


In conclusion, Indian Railways’ plan to introduce GPS devices on trains is a significant step towards modernization and safety. The GPS devices will enable real-time tracking of train locations, reducing the risk of accidents and providing passengers with accurate arrival times. This initiative, along with other technological advancements, will enhance the overall train travel experience for passengers across India. Furthermore, the collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organization underscores the commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology for the benefit of the public. As the project progresses, it is expected to bring about a positive impact on the safety and efficiency of the Indian railway system. Overall, the introduction of GPS devices in trains is a promising development that holds the potential to revolutionize the future of train travel in India.

Frequently Asked Questions:

### 1. What is the latest news about Indian Railways being GPS equipped?

The latest news is that the Indian Railways is planning to equip its trains with GPS technology to improve safety, efficiency, and passenger experience.

### 2. How will GPS technology benefit Indian Railways?

GPS technology will enable real-time tracking and monitoring of trains, ensuring better adherence to schedules, improved safety measures, and enhanced communication with passengers.

### 3. How will GPS equipped trains improve passenger experience?

With GPS technology, passengers will have access to accurate real-time information about the location and estimated arrival time of trains, leading to a more seamless and convenient travel experience.

### 4. Will GPS equipped trains enhance the safety of Indian Railways?

Yes, GPS technology will play a crucial role in enhancing the safety of Indian Railways by enabling better monitoring of train movements, preventing accidents, and improving emergency response.

### 5. When is the expected timeline for Indian Railways to implement GPS technology?

Although an official timeline has not been announced yet, Indian Railways is actively working towards the implementation of GPS technology on its trains in the near future.

### 6. How will GPS equipped trains improve the efficiency of Indian Railways?

GPS technology will provide accurate data on train movements, allowing for better optimization of routes, scheduling, and maintenance, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency.

### 7. What are the potential challenges in implementing GPS technology on Indian Railways?

Implementing GPS technology on a vast railway network like Indian Railways can pose challenges such as infrastructure upgrades, technological integration, and training of personnel.

### 8. How will GPS equipped trains benefit the freight and logistics sector?

GPS technology will enable better tracking and management of freight trains, leading to improved logistics operations, reduced transit times, and better coordination with freight customers.

### 9. How can passengers access GPS information about trains?

Passengers can access GPS information about trains through official railway websites, mobile apps, and onboard displays, providing real-time updates on train locations and arrival times.

### 10. What are the long-term implications of GPS equipped trains for Indian Railways?

In the long term, GPS equipped trains will bring about a transformation in the way Indian Railways operates, leading to safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced rail transportation infrastructure.


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