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Revolutionizing Jain Food Delivery in Train: Railofy’s Comprehensive and Delicious Options for Devout Jain Travellers

November 12, 2023 | by railinfo.in

Revolutionizing Jain Food Delivery in Train: Railofy’s Comprehensive and Delicious

Get Delicious Jain Meals Delivered to Your Train Seat with Railofy – Hassle-free and Convenient!


Devout Jain travellers face challenges adhering to dietary restrictions on train journeys. Railofy is revolutionizing the experience with a wide range of delicious and uncontaminated Jain meals from top eateries. With convenience, variety, quality, and affordability, ordering Jain food online through Railofy is a convenient process. Real-time tracking and customer support add to the perks.

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Devout Jain Travellers and Their Dietary Restrictions

Devout Jain travellers on a train journey often face the challenge of adhering to specific dietary restrictions as per Jainism. The religion emphasises the utmost importance of non-violence and unwavering compassion for all living beings. The principles of vegetarianism are keenly upheld, with a particular emphasis on avoiding root vegetables, and dairy product selection is also a key consideration.

Railofy: Revolutionizing Jain Food Delivery in Trains

Now that’s where Railofy, the ultimate answer to the logistical concerns and epicurean tastes of Jain people, comes in. Indeed, Railofy revolutionises the experience of Jain food delivery in trains by providing an extensive assortment of delicious and uncontaminated Jain meals procured from premium eateries and food franchises across various destinations. Railofy has truly gone above and beyond to meet the tastes of Jain travellers and satisfy their cravings for comfort food. Place your order and relax! You’ll get your Jain food delivery in train right at your berth. Relish the delicious Jain cuisine while enjoying the ever-changing scenery outside your train window, courtesy of Railofy’s extraordinary food delivery service.

Benefits of Ordering Jain Food Online Through Railofy!

Jain food delivery in train through Railofy comes with advantages:

  • Convenience: Railofy, an app, simplifies the process of getting Jain food delivery in train directly to your seat. You have the freedom to choose from a range of restaurants and food chains.
  • Variety: Railofy offers a selection of Jain food options, including North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines.
  • Quality: Rest assured that when you order through Railofy, you’re dealing with top notch restaurants and food chains known for their hygienic preparations.
  • Affordability: Enjoy mouthwatering Jain meals without breaking the bank, as Railofy now offers budget options for your delight.

How to Order Jain Food Online through Railofy?

Ordering Jain cuisine online through Railofy is a convenient process. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the Railofy app from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.
  2. Create an account and log in.
  3. Enter your train details, including the train number, PNR number, and journey date.
  4. Select the station where you will have your food delivered.
  5. Take a look at the list of restaurants and chains that offer Jain food options.
  6. Select your desired food items and add them to your cart.
  7. Once you’re ready, click ‘Checkout’ and pick your payment method. You may opt for UPI, net banking, credit/debit card, or cash on delivery.
  8. Sit back and relax! Your delicious Jain cuisine will be delivered right to your train seat at the selected station.

How is Railofy Making Ordering Food on the Train Easier for Jain Travellers?

  1. Across India, Railofy has paired up with loads of Jain restaurants to offer Jain travellers a broad array of meal choices.
  2. Railofy makes finding Jain food options a breeze for Jain travellers with its exclusiveJain foodsection available on both the app and website.
  3. Jain travellers will be informed of their food’s delivery time through Railofy’s accurate order tracking system, granting them peace of mind.
  4. Railofy presents Jain travellers with the ability to cancel or modify their order at any time up to 30 minutes before estimated delivery.
  5. Railofy offers flexible cancellation and modification options for customers who desire freedom and comfortability.

Jain Food Delivery in Train

Hygienic and tasty Jain food in train is readily available to travellers with Railofy. The platform’s affordable prices offer a variety of Jain food delivery in trains from renowned restaurants and food chains. Want a hassle-free way to get Jain food delivery in train? Use Railofy to order food online. Railofy, an outstanding option for Jain travellers, boasts a number of additional perks apart from those previously mentioned. These features include:

  • Track your food delivery in real-time and find out its whereabouts.
  • Get an accurate expectation of when it will arrive right at your doorstep. Railofy’s around-the-clock customer support crew is always ready to assist with any issues related to your order.
  • Railofy has got a few tricks up its sleeve. Among them, discounts and offers are worth mentioning, especially when it comes to Jain food delivery in train. You no longer have to worry about overpaying for your meals.

Travellers seeking tasty and hygienic Jain food delivery in train need not look further when Railofy is here. With affordability and convenience on its side, Railofy offers unparalleled variety to satisfy all culinary preferences.

List of Stations Where Food in Train is Available


In conclusion, Railofy is changing the game for Jain travelers by providing a convenient and diverse selection of Jain food delivery in trains. With top-notch quality, affordability, and a user-friendly ordering process, Railofy is elevating the experience of Jain food delivery in train. Travelers can now enjoy delicious and hygienic Jain cuisine right at their berth, making their journey more enjoyable and stress-free. With Railofy, Jain travelers can expect nothing but the best when it comes to their food preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions:

## Frequently Asked Questions about Jain Food Delivery in Train Made Easy with Railofy

#### Q: What is Jain food and why is it different from regular vegetarian food?
A: Jain food is prepared without using onions, garlic, potatoes, and other root vegetables. It is different from regular vegetarian food due to its strict adherence to these principles.

#### Q: How can I order Jain food for train travel through Railofy?
A: You can easily order Jain food for train travel through Railofy by selecting the Jain food option while booking your train ticket or by contacting Railofy customer support.

#### Q: Are there options for Jain food delivery on all train routes?
A: Yes, Railofy offers Jain food delivery on a wide range of train routes across India.

#### Q: Can I customize my Jain food order to suit my specific preferences?
A: Yes, you can customize your Jain food order according to your specific preferences by mentioning any dietary restrictions or special requests while placing your order through Railofy.

#### Q: How is the quality of Jain food ensured during train travel?
A: Railofy ensures the quality of Jain food by partnering with reputed food vendors who specialize in preparing and delivering Jain food that meets strict hygiene and quality standards.

#### Q: Is Jain food delivery available in all classes of train travel?
A: Yes, Jain food delivery is available in all classes of train travel, including sleeper class, AC class, and executive class.

#### Q: Can I track my Jain food delivery status while on the train?
A: Yes, Railofy provides a tracking option to monitor the status of your Jain food delivery, allowing you to stay informed about the estimated time of arrival.

#### Q: How far in advance should I place my Jain food order for train travel?
A: It is recommended to place your Jain food order at least a few hours before your train departure to ensure timely delivery and availability of your preferred Jain food items.

#### Q: Are there any additional charges for Jain food delivery through Railofy?
A: Yes, there may be nominal charges for Jain food delivery through Railofy, which can vary based on the specific train route and the quantity of food ordered.

#### Q: What measures are taken to ensure the freshness of Jain food during train travel?
A: Railofy takes measures to ensure the freshness of Jain food during train travel by packaging the food in hygienic containers and implementing efficient delivery processes to minimize any potential degradation in quality.


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