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SpotUrTrain: Find Your Train’s Live Status, Arrival & Departure Times Easily

November 28, 2023 | by railinfo.in

SpotUrTrain: Find Your Train’s Live Status, Arrival & Departure Times

Spot Your Train Online with TravelKhana: A Useful Tool for Tracking Trains


Are you anxious to spot your train or know its status? With Indian Railways, tracking a train is easy. The joint venture between Indian Railways and leading private companies has made it simple to spot or track your train online. Be the first to enjoy this facility – click here for more information.

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SpotUrTrain: How to Instantly Track Your Running Train Status

Are you anxious to spot your train or know the status of your train? Click here- SpotUrTrain. With Indian railways’ knowing a train running status is not that difficult. Read this post, and know how you can spot your train instantly and easily. The joint venture between the Indian railways and leading private companies in India to facilitate travelers spot their trains or know the present status has brought out a win situation for us. It has become quite easy to spot your train or know the current running status online.

Easy Access Anywhere, Anytime

No matter where you are on this planet, train tracking facility is just in your hand if you have a laptop, desktop, or even a smart phone with an active internet connection. Be it a local train, express mail, or premium one, you enjoy the privilege of getting live information about its status. Thanks to the companies associated with the Indian Railways for bringing us a single platform to get a wealth of information about the Indian rails.

Track Your Train in a Few Clicks

With the facility in your hand, you can in just a few clicks know exactly about the departure and arrival of your train at every station. You can track how long it takes to reach a particular destination or what is its maximum and minimum speed between two particular stations. You can also find out the distance it takes to travel from one particular station to another etc. In addition, you are able to know the total fare of a destination from your boarding station.

Simple Steps to Track Your Train

Be the first to enjoy this facility. Take your small device. Visit the home page website of a reputed company, which is associated with the Indian Railways. Type the train name or number. Select the station of your choice. Click arrival or departure option. You will get the prompt information.

What You Need to Know

Prior to visiting the website to spot your train or know the current running status, make sure if you have in your possession these details: train number, station name, PNR number, station code. If so, you can track or inquire anytime anywhere. It is, however, important to know that the current position and status of trains is updated from time to time. For getting the latest information, you need to make a fresh online inquiry.


To wrap up, with the availability of this advanced tool used by leading companies that function in association with the Indian Railways, spotting a train has, in fact, become quite simple for travelers across the country. It is a friendly way to track your train in case you get down the train at an en-route station for a particular reason, but you have to board the same train at the next station. So, collect complete details about your train prior to reaching your station and save your valuable time.

How to Track Your Running Train Status with TravelKhana?

1. Click on – www.travelkhana.com/travelkhana/track-train
2. Search for your train by type train name or number
3. Select station
4. Enter your email Id (Optional)
5. Now click on arrival or departure button Spot Your Train

Most of the masses rely on the railways as it happens to be the most convenient and cheapest form of transport. One can safely confer the fact that traveling has become easy with the emergence of the online reservation system.

How to Spot Your Live Train Status with National Train Enquiry System (NTES)?

1. Click on – Fill the captcha form
2. Now you will be redirected to NTES home page
3. Enter your train name/no
4. You will get the train details on screen
5. Now select Journey/Boarding/Arrival station & Journey/Boarding/Arrival date
6. Now click on View full running
7. You will get live running status for your train on your screen

If one has a slight doubt on the fact why the railways have outwitted the other forms of transportation a mere standing in a queue to purchase a railway ticket will clear things. It carries a record number of passengers on a given day.

How to Check Train Running Status with Rail Yatri?

1. Go to –
2. Fill the train number
3. Select day from drop down menu
4. Click on Go button
5. Now You will see the train status on your screen

The technology along with the superior customer service levels has ensured that traveling has indeed become easy as never before.

How to Check Train Running Status with Running Status?

1. Visit –
2. Enter train number
3. Select date of journey from drop down list
4. Click on Get Running Status
5. Now live status of running train will be on your device screen

The train schedule has direct impact on the food schedule, as well. Imagine you have ordered food for your relative and the train is way beyond schedule? The surprise aspect goes out of the window and you are penalized for no fault of yours. This is where the private vendors have done a great job and have taken the customer service experience to a new level.


In conclusion, the Indian railways and leading private companies have made it incredibly easy for travelers to spot their trains or know the current running status online. With a few clicks, passengers can see the exact position and speed of their train, making travel seamless and stress-free. Be the first to take advantage of this easy-to-use facility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

### What is Spoturtrain with TravelKhana?

Spoturtrain with TravelKhana is an online utility that allows users to track the real-time location of trains and provides information on their current status, arrival and departure timings, and running history. It also offers the option to order food for delivery on trains through TravelKhana.

### How can I use Spoturtrain with TravelKhana to track my train?

To track your train using Spoturtrain with TravelKhana, simply enter the train number or name in the designated search bar on the website. The platform will then display the live status of the train along with its current location, upcoming stations, and estimated arrival and departure times.

### Can I order food for delivery on my train through Spoturtrain with TravelKhana?

Yes, Spoturtrain with TravelKhana allows users to conveniently order food for delivery on their train journey. Simply select the train you are traveling on, browse the menu of available food options, place your order, and specify your seat and coach details for seamless delivery.

### What are the benefits of using Spoturtrain with TravelKhana?

Spoturtrain with TravelKhana offers the convenience of tracking your train’s real-time location and status, helping you plan your journey more effectively. Additionally, it provides the option to order and receive delicious, hygienic food directly to your seat during your train journey.

### Is Spoturtrain with TravelKhana available for all trains in India?

Spoturtrain with TravelKhana covers a wide range of trains across India, allowing users to track the real-time location and status of both passenger and express trains. The platform continually updates and expands its database to include as many trains as possible for user convenience.

### How accurate is the train tracking information provided by Spoturtrain with TravelKhana?

The train tracking information provided by Spoturtrain with TravelKhana is sourced from reliable and official railway sources, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. Users can trust the platform to deliver up-to-date and dependable information on their train’s current status and location.

### Can I use Spoturtrain with TravelKhana on my mobile device?

Yes, Spoturtrain with TravelKhana is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to access and utilize its features on their smartphones or tablets. The platform’s responsive design ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for on-the-go train tracking and food ordering.

### Is there a fee for using Spoturtrain with TravelKhana?

No, Spoturtrain with TravelKhana is a free online utility that is accessible to all users. There are no charges for tracking your train’s live status or placing food orders through the platform.

### What payment methods are accepted for food orders on Spoturtrain with TravelKhana?

Spoturtrain with TravelKhana accepts a wide range of payment methods for food orders, including credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and net banking, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free transaction process for users.

### How can I provide feedback or report an issue with Spoturtrain with TravelKhana?

If you have any feedback or encounter any issues while using Spoturtrain with TravelKhana, you can reach out to the customer support team through the designated contact form on the website. The team is dedicated to addressing user concerns and continuously improving the platform for an optimal user experience.


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