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Top 10 Places to Visit in India in August: Experience the Beauty of Monsoon Season in India

November 11, 2023 | by railinfo.in

Top 10 Places to Visit in India in August: Experience

Top 10 Indian Destinations to Explore in August


. However, you can savor delicious seafood to the likes of never before. Overnight stays at the beach shacks are economical in August. The rock-cut caves and ruins in Goa may interest historical lovers. The waterfalls around Goa like the Dudhsagar waterfall and spice plantations are a huge hit in every monsoon. For foodies, cycling through the picture-postcard Goan villages is the top thing to do. Expect lesser crowds to block your vision at the Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus. You will have finally waited in line less! Goa in August offers respite from the scorching heat, and the temperature ranges from 25°C to 30°C. Carry a light jacket for comfortable sightseeing. 5. Lonavala Spend half a day like a normal human! By eating Maganlal Chikki! You can carry a few packets with you for your friends too as Lonavala is one of the top places to visit in India in August. Lonavala and Khandala turn dramatic with waterfalls during August. It is a surreal experience when the mist clears to unfold the gushing stream cascades into waterfalls in Khandala. The foothills of the Sahyadri mountain range encompass Lonavala, which is only 84 km from Mumbai. We don’t think couples need anything other than a one-day monsoon road trip to Lonavala and Khandala from Pune, Mumbai or other nearby cities. The ambiance will immerse you and your beloved in nature’s charm and romantic cuisine. Apart from the hideaways in the mystic Khandala, autumn sees camping clubs thronging the campgrounds like lovelorn in Lonavala. Ingenuity of travelers in Lonavala is different where they throng Tiger’s leap or Lion’s point, to see waterfalls, photography or with your phone clicks. But before you go, don’t miss out on shopping for chikki in Lonavala. The forecast is with a lot of joy! 6. Cherrapunjee Do you remember “The elephant falls” in Shillong since the town has a name associated with rain? If not, make sure to catch a rain shower in August in Cherrapunjee! It is the best place to visit in India in August. Cherrapunjee receives the second-highest rainfall on earth and was formerly known as the wettest place on earth. Cherrapunjee is an exquisite town in Meghalaya filled with rivers, waterfalls, and the unique Living Root Bridge. The lush green landscape of Cherrapunjee singled out in the month of mountains. August offers misty mornings and drenching afternoons that you can enjoy while clicking the mythical seven sisters of waterfalls. And you don’t get leeches in Cherrapunjee like in every place in Meghalaya in August, but you need to be careful when you hike to a waterfall. Even in August, Cherrapunjee maintains a bearable temperature of around 20°C (approx.) to 25°C (approx.). The sun isn’t harsh despite the maximum rain, and it is not as musty in Kolkata. Of course, since Cherrapunjee hits the map of Indian monsoon places, it is perfect even for photography enthusiasts. The rain has been found to be experienced in a unique way in Cherrapunjee. 7. Kodaikanal Just the idea of dreaming in the August mist qualifies to visit Kodaikanal in August! Imagine the misty surroundings of Kodaikanal where you can take a walk through the dense forests or cycle around the rolling hills. Kodaikanal is a monsoon paradise in August set up as the Princess of hill stations in Tamil Nadu. The tranquility in August will endure the minimal muffle roar or rainfall. The air in Kodaikanal is filled with the scent of wildflowers when the mist embraces the forests. The cloud-bedewed hues reveal the hidden gems of Kodaikanal town, that is surrounded by dense forests. Small hikes in Kodaikanal would lead you to see the series waterfall – Bear Shola Falls – flow down from the green cliffs. The temperature in Kodaikanal in August ranges from 18°C -23°C. People traveling to Kodaikanal from Bangalore, Chennai, and other neighboring towns in August gets surprised why they missed it in their bucket list until now. You can spend hours sipping your hot chocolate and see the misty hills embracing your hotel window. 8. Udaipur August as a month of royal holiday vibes is Udaipur for the tourists. It doesn’t rain as much as in major south-west India cities, but Udaipur’s splendid parks, manicured gardens, and regal city of lakes turn greener. Head to Udaipur for a soothing vacation where you watch the rain pouring down in Udaipur, and Monsoon is the perfect season when the thump of raindrops mixes with the rhythms of folk music at Sim-Sim, Udaipur. Watch the crowned Bald and other floras and faunas of Udaipur stand tall and drenched in the crescent moon-lit nights. Tie around a scarf and roam aimlessly around the City of Lakes. The women of Udaipur get their rainwear on to symbolize the era when the thakurs and maharajas watch the monsoon showers from their rooftop havelis. 9. Delhi Skip visiting Delhi in January as everyone comes to travel in the same month and there isn’t a respite in the temperature. August is better! You don’t have to worry about the heat or the crowd. The rain showers in Delhi are welcoming, and August is the month to breathe in the cool monsoon air. The daylight hours are minimal, and the nights are like the day. You can meet Rajasthani families in Delhi enjoying vacations in the India Gate Park. And those touristy local forts and tombs in Delhi will have fewer crowds. You can beat the oppressive heat by escaping to Delhi’s upscale restaurants. Kapoor’s favorite butter chicken! or Indian Rasoi’s paneer for vegetarian lovers and indulge in cuisine that has been doing the rounds for a long time. 10. Nainital You will notice many women and children in Nainital strolling comfortably. The sizzling heat is usually seen for a short time in Nainital in the sultry month of August. Monsoon showers in Nainital, Uttarakhand turn an expertly calling while you sip your tea in the balconies of a slope station in August. Boating in Naini Lake and hiring a horse cart steer with the mist embrace has to be the shiniest highlight. You may feel the rain in Nainital is like Mumbai and Kerala, but it brings a freshly soaked scenery here. Even your time gliding around the corners of the Nanitanl Lake is stunning as the mist wraps the enchanting ancient hill station in Uttarakhand in the month of August. Dress up like the maharanis and hike up to the Tiffin altitudes where a witness to the intermittent rain wrapping the warm lake water bodies meet the cool mountain waters! When it is about the bouquet of a unique thing. In Nainital, August maintain a temperature between 16°C – 21°C. Dress up like the maharanis in the month of August and hike up to the Tiffin Top where the mist cloak meets the warm lake.

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Kerala healing techniques. Choose from ashtma chikitsa, panchakarma, shirodhara, and abhyangam. Ayurveda massages are a time-tested method of healing the body, mind, and soul, and what better than doing it during the monsoon season in Kerala? Monsoon with ayurvedic therapies is the best gift you can give to your body, mind, and senses. August is the time also to see the Onam festival, which is celebrated in Kerala with great enthusiasm. August is the season of Kerala’s grand elephant festivals as well. When in Alleppey, you can also participate in snake boat racing. 4. Goa Goa is not only for Christmas and New Year, but a delightful treat in August as well. When the beauties of tranquility are engulfed in the allure of rains, Goa becomes a pure romantic abode. Couples planning a monsoon vacation here will experience world-class beachfront stays at a lesser cost. A makeshift shack on the beach with seafood at cost-effective prices, a picturesque rain-drenched beauty, and most importantly less crowd are the bonus advantages of vacationing in Goa in August. If you fear the crowd, then Goa should be on your list in August. The beach shacks don’t get decked up and markets get soaked in the rain, which indeed gives a memorable picture. In the rainy season, Goa becomes a hidden gem in disguise that not all tourists know about. Some travelers think that Goa is closed in the monsoon months, but monsoon is the season for nature lovers and adventures. In August, Goa showers pleasant 27°C (approx.). While it looks beautiful during August, swimming in the ocean during the monsoon season is risky because of unfavorable sea tides and high waves. Better choose the shimmering backwaters in Goa for the water experiences. Cruising on the backwaters of Goa in the monsoons is one of the ultimate tranquil experiences that can be achieved. Embark on a boat ride across the serene waters, especially in the Chapora and Sal backwaters. Monsoon in Goa is India’s seldom seen side. 5. Lonavala Lonavala is a good monsoon retreat in August of this year if you are residing in Mumbai or Pune. You cannot miss exploring Rashin and Bushi Dam. The Bhushi Dam is one of the top attractions in Lonavala, which overflows during the monsoon season. For adventure enthusiasts, this place offers a series of unexpected water adventures, which might be restricted due to high tides and water levels in dams. Rain shopping at the Lonavala Market and enjoying Maganlal’s famous chikki is the recommended try. If you love photography, capture the lush greenery around, especially at Tiger Point. A misty and foggy ambience awaits you in Lonavala. Head to the famous Sunset Point in Khandala, which is only 5 km, for a remarkable view. Or else, Kune waterfalls will give you the photogenic encapsulation of landscapes. Even in August, Lonavala’s edge is mesmerizing, and so is Matheran. However, the Matheran visit in August can be missed in favor of Khandala’s better weather. 6. Cherrapunji Cherrapunjee offers one of the most memorable and challenging monsoon journeys. It is one of the most picturesque towns in India and can relish the monsoon to the most. Bold visitors should dare to come to Cherrapunjee with intent to undertake trekking in its many trails and exploring waterfalls such as the Nohsngithiang Falls. Get intrigued with the natural wonders during the rains because this time is the most expressive of the landscapes. Do not miss catching the Nohkalikai Falls, famous for its unbroken water column. One of the most popular monsoon activities in Cherrapunjee includes photography at the Living Root Bridges. When you pass through these root bridges, it might seem to you that the region has manifested naturally fabricated bridges. Guwahati is the biggest nearby city to Cherrapunji, and Shillong gives an equidistant advantage. However, if you are solely traveling to northeastern regions of India to experience the monsoon and culture, it’s best to get accompanied by a travel guide or tour operator. They can help you to get condensed nature experiences and give Goa is not the only place to visit in August in the southern part of India. 7. Kodaikanal Kodaikanal is an ideal nature getaway for a monsoon holiday. Monsoons sweep away the summer humdrum from Kodaikanal. August is a good time here to experience the lush greeneries, rolling hills, and the blanket of clouds. During August, the temperature in Kodaikanal hovers around 20 to 27°C (approx.). Do not forget to visit Dolphin Nose and Pillar Rocks when the weather is clear and crisp. They give you one of the most amazing and picturesque views. Attractions like Coaker’s Walk and Bear Shola Falls are the primary evidences. Apart from the popular attractions, Kodaikanal Lake is the heart of the town and offers boat rides. Plan a walk to the lake in the afternoons and evenings as it could rain continuously in the and the downpour ends. In the monsoons, Kodaikanal is dotted with ponds and waterfalls, which makes it a total outdoor bliss. A botanical sojourn through Bryant Park in Kodaikanal is an epitome of lush green wonders. The rain wets the edges of the vines and ferns, giving all the more vibrant views of the flora. Want to unwind after a hectic city life? Come to the Crystal Clearing in Kodaikanal that is surrounded by pine trees and offers a splendid nature view. What do you feel about natural beauty like this in unadulterated joy? Monsoon is Kodaikanal’s way of invoking love and care for the nature and you cannot afford not to be part of it. 8. Udaipur August in Udaipur is a passionate affair of the rain and love as narrated in traditional stories at sunset points and rolling hills. So what makes Udaipur special in August? Imagine the City Palace of Udaipur converting into a monsoon palace when the Mewar dynasty’s legacy becomes visible in the rain-drenched landscapes. One of the special things to do in August in Udaipur during the monsoons is sitting at the sunset point and watching the monsoon rain showers. What could add icing on the cake is the royal vibe of boat riding in Pichola Lake. Couples and nature lovers like to board the boat from the City Palace Jetty to explore the lush water life of Udaipur. Monsoons in Udaipur may surprise you because the surrounding hills and palaces get a new makeover when it rains. The rolling hills with forts, such as Kumbalgarh and Chittorgarh, drenched in water, set an excellent scene to venture with the best water activities in Udaipur. Watch out for the government’s official website for the Lake Pichola Boating Timings & Rates Udaipur after the rain, the city will hold, drone flying & bird watching with greater enthusiasm. Imagine Udaipur’s green hills opposite to tranquil blue waters where monsoon is whispering, as if serenading. In August, Udaipur looks princes and the boat rides are like sipping honey! 9. Delhi The capital city of Delhi offers a unique picture in monsoon. When the city gets drenched in rain, it feels like nature has washed away the city’s woes. The exotic rooftop cafe and bar culture thrives during the monsoon season, and Delhi hosts the monsoon festivals. One can spend the rain washed evenings and mornings in Delhi, even strolling in local markets like Connaught Place, Lajpat Nagar, and town bazaar are very engaging during monsoons. The monsoon season in Delhi brings in new life to the city’s historical monuments. Monsoon in Delhi is a perfect time to visit the Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, and other iconic historical sites for photography and cultural tours. Witnessing Delhi’s sights and experiencing street food, if you love eating out during the rains, then you can’t miss hogging at local street food vendors in rainy patches. Try the street food & dahi bhalla in Chandni Chowk and Apni Dilli is Chhole Bhature in monsoon. These places are known for street cuisines during the rain. For a quaint colonial British tea, visit the elegant English tearoom in Connaught Place. Sunsets in Delhi are architectural rewards. Watch the colors in the sky, mesmorized by the rain. 10. Nainital Seeking a peaceful time amidst August rains, visit Nainital in Uttarakhand. Bestowing its visitors with a mild 15 to 24°C December have also sought an offbeat interest. Nainital is a family-friendly summertime escape from the city for many decades. But in August, the lakes in Nainital, including Naini Lake and Bhimtal, come alive. Naini Lake is surrounded by hills that are carpeted in greenery with an awful lot of vibrant flowers enhancing the lake’s charm. The monsoon skies play moves as if God is painting a miracle. August is monsoon’s best time in Nainital experienced through boating on the vast spread waters of the lake with umbrellas and a romantic laughter of the rain. The views and chill are captivating and soothing for family vacationers who get bewildered by the shimmering Naini Lake. Mall Road and Tibetan market are the primary shopping markets, especially if you like trinkets and local souvenirs. After a beautiful walk on Mall Road, choose to witness some views from Kilbury and Snow View Point. They are pristine, and the monsoon’s fog makes it a real adventure. Sarojini Naidu and Hari Karkoty Gardens should be visited to witness the colors of nature side by side. Long nature walks during drizzles or rain teach more from the logs and silhouettes of trees. Are you feeling the same way about monsoons holidays in Nainital? There are other places like the snow and snow points, abounds with rolling hills, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls to visit during the monsoons. Who thought the joy of visiting top places to visit in India in August will lead to so many mesmeric stories? Whether you are planning a monsoon vacation in Mount Abu, Chikmagalur, Alleppey, Goa, Lonavala, Cherrapunjee, Kodaikanal, Udaipur, Delhi, Nainital, or any other monsoon getaway destination in India, the fun never ends. Even in monsoons, these destinations have so much to offer in moderate budget and are the top places to visit in India in August. Coffee plantations in Chikmagalur, the lakes of Udaipur, royal forts of Rajasthan, houseboats of Alleppey are some of the top experiences in India during monsoons. From the misty hill stations of South India to the royal heritage landmarks of North India, a monsoon trip to any top places to visit in India in August, top places to visit in India in August, Ethereal South Indian hill stations, monsoon soaked road trips across the country, or antediluvian town, August calms a monsoon trip should be planned this year … only by the people who love to have their own bonhomie witnessing the exclusivity of monsoon. Tour My India Travel News, Tour My India.


…the swimming conditions in August due to strong tides. But it is a great time to relax by the beach, go for a leisurely stroll, dine in the beach shacks, and enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves. Head to the Dudhsagar Falls which are in full glory during the monsoons, and visit the spice plantations for a unique experience of Goa. Whether you want to party, relax, or explore, Goa is one of the top places to visit in India in August.

Frequently Asked Questions:

H4: What are the best places to visit in India in August?

India offers a wide range of destinations that are perfect for visiting in August. Some of the best places to visit in August include Munnar, Kerala, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, Goa, Rajasthan, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Each of these destinations offers unique experiences and attractions that make them ideal for a visit in August.

H4: What are some activities to do in Munnar, Kerala in August?

In August, Munnar, Kerala is a haven for nature lovers. Visitors can explore the lush tea plantations, take a stroll through the beautiful Anamudi Peak, visit the Eravikulam National Park to spot endangered species of animals, and enjoy the stunning waterfalls such as Lakkam, Attukal, and Nyayamakad. Additionally, visitors can also indulge in traditional Ayurvedic treatments and experience the rich culture and cuisine of Kerala.

H4: Is Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir a good destination to visit in August?

Yes, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir is a great destination to visit in August. The weather is pleasant, and the region is accessible during this time of year. Visitors can explore the stunning landscapes, visit monasteries, and enjoy the diverse culture that makes Ladakh a unique and unforgettable destination.

H4: What activities can be done in Goa in August?

In August, Goa is a great destination for those looking to enjoy the beaches, water sports, and vibrant nightlife. Visitors can also explore the wildlife sanctuaries, visit the impressive churches and forts, and indulge in the delicious Goan cuisine. Additionally, the annual Sao Joao Festival is celebrated in August, adding a cultural and traditional element to the visit to Goa.

H4: What makes Rajasthan a great destination to visit in August?

Rajasthan is a great destination to visit in August due to its rich culture, historical landmarks, and vibrant festivals. Visitors can explore the palaces and forts, witness the traditional dance and music performances, and experience the unique lifestyle of the desert communities. Additionally, the Teej festival celebrated in August adds a colorful and cultural aspect to the visit to Rajasthan.

H4: What are some unique experiences to enjoy in Andaman and Nicobar Islands in August?

In August, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer unique experiences such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and exploring the marine life and coral reefs. Visitors can also relax on the pristine beaches, go trekking in the lush forests, and visit historical sites such as the Cellular Jail and the Ross Island.

H4: What are the accommodation options in these destinations in August?

Each of these destinations offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury resorts. Visitors can choose from beach-side bungalows in Goa, heritage hotels in Rajasthan, comfortable homestays in Kerala, and well-equipped hotels in Ladakh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands to suit their preferences and budgets.

H4: What are the transportation options to get to these destinations in August?

Visitors can reach these destinations in August by air, road, or rail, depending on the chosen destination. All of these places are well-connected by major cities and offer a range of transportation options to ensure a smooth and convenient journey.

H4: Are there any health and safety precautions to consider when visiting these places in August?

It’s important to take necessary health and safety precautions when visiting these destinations in August. Visitors should stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and wear appropriate clothing to protect themselves from the sun. It’s also advisable to check for any travel advisories and follow the local guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

H4: What are some special events or festivals to look out for in these destinations in August?

In August, these destinations host a variety of special events and festivals that offer a unique insight into the local culture and traditions. Visitors can witness the Onam festival in Kerala, the Independence Day celebrations in Ladakh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and the vibrant Teej festival in Rajasthan, adding a colorful and cultural aspect to their visit.


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