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Ultimate Guide to Rajdhani Express Trains: Routes, Amenities, and How to Order Food Online with Railofy

November 13, 2023 | by railinfo.in

Ultimate Guide to Rajdhani Express Trains: Routes, Amenities, and How

“Enjoy Delicious Meals on the Go with Rajdhani Express Food Menu | Convenient Train Food Delivery”


Here’s your chance to enjoy delectable and hygienic meals on your Rajdhani Express journey. Get ready to indulge yourself with a variety of pocket-friendly cuisine options while experiencing an easy ordering process and exciting offers, all through the convenient and reliable platform of Railofy. So sit back and relish your train journey with a satisfied stomach!

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Why Choose Railofy for Ordering Food on Rajdhani Trains

Operated By Indian Railways

Indian Railways has been a pioneer in transforming travel experiences for passengers across the country. One of its most iconic services is the Rajdhani Express – a group of trains connecting New Delhi, the national capital, with various state capitals and other important metro cities in India. Their name ‘Rajdhani’ means ‘capital’ in Sanskrit, symbolizing their role as connectors to key cities in the country.

What Makes Rajdhani Trains Stand Out

Rajdhani Express trains are known for luxury, speed, and quality services. Operating at speeds of 130-140 km/h, these trains receive the highest signal priority on railway tracks. All coaches are air-conditioned and provide ample space and comfort for passengers. A major highlight is the complimentary meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening tea, served directly to the seats by well-trained staff.

Entertainment On Demand on Rajdhani Trains

To enhance the travel experience, Indian Railways introduced the ‘Entertainment on Demand’ service on select Rajdhani trains. This feature allows passengers to stream movies and entertainment programs on their personal devices, eliminating the need for local internet or data usage. With plans to extend this service to all Rajdhani trains, passengers can enjoy an array of entertainment options throughout their journey.

Food Options on Rajdhani Trains

While Rajdhani Express trains offer onboard meals, passengers have faced complaints regarding the quality of pantry food. This has prompted them to seek alternative food options for a more satisfying culinary experience during their journey.

Railofy: Your Solution for Quality Food Onboard

For passengers seeking a superior dining experience on Rajdhani trains, Railofy offers an innovative solution. With the Railofy mobile app, passengers can order food from their favorite restaurants in the city directly to their train seat, ensuring both taste and quality while traveling.

Benefits of Ordering Food with Railofy

Railofy’s food delivery service on Rajdhani trains boasts several advantages, including convenience, delicious and hygienic food, a variety of menu options, affordability, ease of ordering, flexibility, and exciting offers for passengers to enjoy during their journey.

Why Choose Railofy for Ordering Food on Rajdhani Trains

In conclusion, the Rajdhani Express trains are a symbol of luxury and efficiency, connecting passengers to various destinations with speed and comfort. With Railofy’s innovative food delivery service, passengers can now elevate their culinary experience while traveling on these iconic trains. Experience the perfect blend of convenience, quality, and taste with Railofy, making your journey on Rajdhani trains memorable and delightful.


Taking a Rajdhani Express train journey with Indian Railways connects major cities to the capital city of New Delhi. The most luxurious coaches offer a smooth and fast experience. Unfortunately, pantry food has been less than satisfactory for travelers. But now, Railofy provides a solution. They deliver hot and fresh meals to your seat directly from hand-picked restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions:

### What food is available on Rajdhani Express?

Rajdhani Express offers a variety of cuisines to cater to the diverse tastes of its passengers. The menu includes North Indian, South Indian, and Continental dishes, as well as snacks and beverages.

### Can I order food in advance for Rajdhani Express journey?

Yes, you can pre-order your food for Rajdhani Express journey through the IRCTC eCatering website or app. This allows you to choose from a range of options, customize your meal, and have it delivered to your seat during your journey.

### How do I order food on Rajdhani Express during the journey?

If you haven’t pre-ordered your food, you can still order from the onboard catering service. Simply approach the pantry car staff or use the IRCTC eCatering app to place your order and have it delivered to your seat.

### Are there vegetarian options available on Rajdhani Express?

Yes, Rajdhani Express offers a wide variety of vegetarian options, including North and South Indian vegetarian meals, snacks, and beverages.

### Can I request special dietary requirements for my Rajdhani Express journey?

Yes, you can request special dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten-free, or diabetic meals when pre-ordering your food. The onboard catering staff will ensure your needs are met.

### What is the quality of the food on Rajdhani Express?

The food on Rajdhani Express is known for its quality and taste. It is prepared using hygienic ingredients and cooked to perfection to ensure a delightful dining experience for passengers.

### Is the food on Rajdhani Express reasonably priced?

The food on Rajdhani Express is reasonably priced and offers value for money. You can choose from a range of options to fit your budget and preferences.

### What are the popular items on the Rajdhani Express food menu?

Some of the popular items on the Rajdhani Express food menu include biryani, paneer dishes, dosa, idli, and a variety of snacks and beverages to suit different tastes.

### Can I track my food order on Rajdhani Express?

Yes, you can track your food order on Rajdhani Express using the IRCTC eCatering app. This allows you to stay updated on the status of your order and estimated delivery time.

### Are there any offers or discounts available on Rajdhani Express food orders?

Yes, IRCTC eCatering often offers special discounts and promotional offers on food orders for Rajdhani Express passengers. Keep an eye out for these offers when placing your food orders.


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