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Understanding RAC Status: What it Means for Indian Railways Tickets and How to Manage It for a Smooth Journey

November 12, 2023 | by railinfo.in

Understanding RAC Status: What Does it Mean?


When booking Indian Railways tickets, you may find your ticket on the RAC List. Reservation Against Cancellation means sharing a berth with a co-passenger. Learn the rules for canceling RAC tickets and getting a refund. Find out what to do if your train is late or canceled. Get all the details on PNR Status.

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Understanding RAC Status in Indian Railways: What You Need to Know

When you book your Indian Railways tickets, you may come across the term “RAC” status. But what does RAC actually mean, and how does it affect your journey? Let’s dive into the details to help you navigate the world of train travel in India.

What is RAC?

Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) status means that when you book a ticket, you may not get a full berth allocated solely to you. Instead, you might have to share a berth with a co-passenger during your journey.

Seat Sharing and Berth Allocation

Most RAC tickets are assigned to side lower seats, which are meant to be shared with a co-passenger. However, if there are unoccupied seats on the train, the TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner) may allocate a complete seat to you. If no free seats are available, you will have to share your berth with a co-passenger.

Cancellation and Refunds

If you prefer to have a full berth for your journey, you have the option to cancel your RAC ticket with minimal cancellation charges. It’s important to note that RAC tickets can be canceled up to 30 minutes before the departure of the train from the original station.

However, if RAC tickets are canceled less than 30 minutes before the departure, no refund will be provided. For e-tickets booked online, the cancellation process can be completed over the internet, with the refund credited to the user’s account.

Refunds for Delayed and Cancelled Trains

If the train is delayed by more than 3 hours from the scheduled departure time, passengers are eligible for a full refund, provided that the ticket was canceled before the train’s departure.

In the event of a train cancellation, the entire fare amount will be refunded to the passenger without any cancellation charges.


Understanding RAC status is crucial for a smooth train journey in India. By being aware of the implications and options for cancellation and refunds, passengers can navigate RAC status with confidence and ease.

Next time you book a railway ticket in India, keep these RAC status details in mind to ensure a hassle-free travel experience!

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In conclusion, RAC status on Indian Railways means sharing a berth with a co-passenger. While most lower side seats are shared, if there are free seats, the TTE may allot a full seat. RAC tickets can be canceled with minimal charges up to 30 minutes before departure. Refunds vary based on timing and train status.

Frequently Asked Questions:

### What does RAC status mean?

When you book a train ticket in India, you may come across the term RAC, which stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. This means that while you have a confirmed seat on the train, it is not a full berth or seat, and you may have to share it with another passenger.

### How does RAC status work?

When you have an RAC status, you are provided with a seat on the train, and as other passengers cancel their tickets, you may move up the list and eventually get a full berth or seat.

### Can I board the train with RAC status?

Yes, you can board the train with RAC status, and your seat number will be mentioned on your ticket.

### What happens if my RAC status does not get confirmed?

If your RAC status does not get confirmed, you can still board the train and travel on the seat that has been assigned to you.

### How can I check the status of my RAC ticket?

You can check the status of your RAC ticket on the official Indian Railways website or by using the IRCTC app.

### Can I cancel my RAC ticket?

Yes, you can cancel your RAC ticket, and the cancellation rules and charges will depend on when you cancel the ticket.

### Can I upgrade from RAC status to a full berth or seat?

As other passengers cancel their tickets, your RAC status may get upgraded to a full berth or seat. You can check the status of your ticket closer to the date of travel.

### Is RAC status the same as a waitlist?

RAC status is different from a waitlist. While RAC passengers are guaranteed a seat and can board the train, waitlisted passengers may not have a confirmed seat and may have to wait for a seat to become available.

### Can I book an RAC ticket online?

Yes, you can book an RAC ticket online through the official Indian Railways website or using the IRCTC app.

### Are there any restrictions for RAC passengers?

There are no specific restrictions for RAC passengers, and they can travel on the train like any other passenger with a confirmed ticket.


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