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Order Pizza in Train: Railofy’s Game-Changing On-Train Food Delivery Service

November 12, 2023 | by railinfo.in

Order Pizza in Train: Railofy’s Game-Changing On-Train Food Delivery Service

Get Your Craving for Delicious Pizza Satisfied on Your Train Journey with Domino’s and Pizza Hut


Picture this: You’re on a scenic train ride, craving a pizza. Thanks to Railofy, ordering pizza in train is now a delightful reality. In this article, we explore how Railofy revolutionizes on-train dining, making it feasible to order from popular eateries like Domino’s and Pizza Hut. With easy ordering, customization, and on-time delivery, Railofy is a game-changer for train travelers’ culinary experiences. Order your favorite pizza in train with Railofy and enjoy a delicious journey without compromising on your cravings. With a wide selection of restaurants, convenience, quality control, and cashless transactions, Railofy transforms your train ride into a delectable dining experience. Don’t miss out on ordering from your favorite eateries on your next train journey. So, download the Railofy app or visit their website to embark on a delightful and memorable dining journey on the rails.

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The Era of On-Train Food Delivery

Imagine you’re on a long train ride, seeing the world go by through your window, when you’re suddenly craving pizza. This need may have gone unmet in the past, but due to Railofy, buying pizza in train is not only possible but also quite convenient.

Railofy: A Culinary Saviour for Train Travelers

Traveling by rail is an unforgettable experience. Train rides are memorable because of the rhythmic clatter of wheels on tracks, the breathtaking sights outside your window, and the company of fellow passengers. However, there is frequently room for improvement when it comes to food selections on trains.

While some trains provide adequate onboard catering, the range of cuisine is restricted and may not meet your personal food preferences. The idea of ordering pizza in train from your favourite eateries, including the famous Domino’s and Pizza Hut, has become convenient in recent years. Railofy, a game-changing platform, comes into play here.

How to Use Railofy to Order Pizza in Train

Railofy is a one-of-a-kind platform that connects customers to a huge network of restaurants and cafés located near train stations around India. It provides an easy-to-use mobile app and website for placing food orders while traveling by train. Here’s how to use Railofy to order Pizza in train:

  1. Download the Railofy app or go to the Railofy website: To get started, either download the Railofy app for your mobile device or visit their website in your browser.
  2. Enter Your Train Information: Once you’re on the app or website, enter your train information, including your PNR (Passenger Name Record) number, train name, and departure date. This ensures that Railofy is aware of your train’s timetable and can plan food delivery accordingly.
  3. Examine the Menu: It’s finally time to quench your pizza desire. Look through the restaurants to see what pizza options are available at or near your rail station. Railofy offers thorough menus of each of it’s partner restaurants with descriptions.
  4. Personalize Your Order: Pizza is no fun without personalisation, and Railofy allows you to do the same. No matter if you’re ordering from Domino’s, Pizza Hut or a different pizza store altogether, with Railofy, you can choose your pizza size, crust, and toppings to make your ideal pizza.
  5. Make Your Purchase: It’s time to place your order when you’ve chosen your selections. Proceed to checkout after reviewing your order to verify it is exactly what you want.
  6. Include Delivery Information: Railofy will ask you to enter your seat and coach information. This information is critical for delivery people to easily locate you on the train.
  7. Make your payment: To finish your payment, select your desired payment method, which commonly includes UPI, credit/debit cards, net banking, digital wallets and cash on delivery.
  8. Order Tracking: You can track the status of your order in real time after you’ve placed it and paid for it. Railofy updates you on the status of your order’s preparation and delivery, so you know when to anticipate your delicious pizza in train.
  9. Relax and Enjoy Your Meal: Savour every piece of your delicious, scrumptious pizza as it arrives. Railofy guarantees that your meal is hot and fresh.
  10. Tell About Your Experience: Consider leaving a review or sharing your experience on social media if you were pleased with Railofy’s service.

Railofy: Your Go-to Delivery App for Pizza in Train

Ordering pizza in train, be it Domino’s or Pizza Hut, is no more a distant dream. Moreover, ordering domino’s with Railofy offers you extreme benefits!

  1. A Wide Choice of Restaurants: Railofy gives you access to a diverse choice of restaurants, allowing you to choose from an extensive menu rather than being limited to just one or two options.
  2. Convenience: The app and website are easy to use, and the tracking feature keeps you updated throughout the process.
  3. Quality Control: Railofy works with reputable restaurants to ensure that the pizza is of excellent quality and meets all safety and hygiene regulations.
  4. On-Time Delivery: Railofy considers your train’s timetable to ensure that your pizza is delivered on time. No more missing meals due to unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Customization: The platform allows you to personalise your order, just as in a Domino’s restaurant.
  6. Cashless Transactions: Having several payment choices available ensures a seamless, cashless experience.
  7. Customer Support: If you have any problems or special requirements, Railofy’s customer service is ready to help.

Tips for a Seamless Ordering Experience

Consider the following suggestions for ordering pizza in train:

  1. Place your order as soon as possible to ensure prompt delivery.
  2. Check your train’s schedule and, if possible, order during a stoppage.
  3. Always keep your phone charged in order to get order updates.
  4. To avoid confusion, double-check your delivery and contact information.
  5. Because your pizza is freshly prepared, be ready to eat it as soon as it arrives.

Final Thoughts!

Passengers no longer have to accept poor onboard food or sleep with an unsatisfied appetite. Railofy allows you to consume your favourite Pizza, as well as a choice of other cuisines, from the convenience of your train seat.

So, the next time you take a train, remember to download the Railofy app or visit their website to ensure a delicious, fun, and memorable dining experience on the rails.


The charm of long train rides is now enhanced with the convenience of ordering pizza from top eateries like Domino’s and Pizza Hut, thanks to Railofy. This unique platform connects train travellers to a variety of restaurants near stations, providing a delightful and easy app-and-web experience. Say goodbye to uninspiring train meals and hello to delicious pizza with Railofy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

### 1. Can I order Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza while traveling on a train?

Yes, you can now order your favorite Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza while traveling on a train through their respective apps or websites, making it convenient and easy to enjoy your favorite pizza on the go.

### 2. How can I place an order for Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza while on a train?

You can place your order for Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza by downloading their mobile app or visiting their website, selecting the “train delivery” option, entering your PNR number, and choosing your train and seat details. Then, simply place your order and enjoy your pizza while on the train.

### 3. Is the pizza delivery available on all train routes?

Domino’s and Pizza Hut have tied up with Indian Railways to provide pizza delivery services on select train routes. You can check the availability of this service on your specific train by visiting their apps or websites and entering your travel details.

### 4. What are the payment options available for ordering pizza on a train?

You can pay for your pizza order on the train through various payment methods such as debit or credit cards, net banking, mobile wallets, or cash on delivery, depending on the availability of the payment options on the respective apps or websites.

### 5. Can I customize my pizza order while on a train?

Yes, you can customize your Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza order while traveling on a train, just like you would when ordering from their outlets. You can select your choice of toppings, crust, and size, ensuring that you get the pizza just the way you like it.

### 6. How will I know the status of my pizza order while on the train?

Once you place your pizza order through the Domino’s or Pizza Hut app or website, you will receive real-time updates on the status of your order, including confirmation, preparation, and delivery, allowing you to track your pizza while on the train.

### 7. Are there any deals or discounts available for ordering pizza on a train?

Both Domino’s and Pizza Hut often offer exclusive deals and discounts for ordering pizza on a train, making it more affordable and enticing to indulge in a delicious pizza while traveling.

### 8. How is the pizza delivered to me on the train?

Once your Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza is prepared, it will be delivered to you at your designated train and seat by their delivery staff, ensuring that you receive your hot and fresh pizza conveniently while on the train.

### 9. Is there a minimum order value for pizza delivery on a train?

Both Domino’s and Pizza Hut may have a minimum order value requirement for pizza delivery on a train, which you can check on their respective apps or websites before placing your order.

### 10. Are there any specific timings for ordering pizza on a train?

You can order Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza on a train at your convenience, as their services are usually available throughout the day, allowing you to satisfy your pizza cravings whenever you desire while traveling.


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