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Railway Employee Welfare: Enhanced Benefits for Safety Staff, Medical Facilities for Dependents, and Educational Opportunities for Children

November 11, 2023 | by railinfo.in

Suggested Steps for Railway Staff to Enhance Performance and Safety


In an effort to enhance the welfare of railway employees, the Indian government has announced expansions to the Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme and medical benefits for dependents. Additionally, scholarships for the education of railway employees’ daughters and improvements in education and hostel facilities have been proposed to provide support and stability for railway families.

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Improving the Lives of Railway Employees: New Developments

At a recent meeting, the Indian government announced several key initiatives to enhance the welfare of railway employees and their families. These developments are set to bring about positive changes and improved opportunities for those working in the railway sector.

Enhancing the Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme

One of the major updates includes an expansion of the scope of the Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for safety category staff. The existing criteria of grade pay has been increased from Rs. 1,800/- to Rs. 1,900/-, providing greater financial support for retiring employees.

Extended Medical Facilities for Railway Employees’ Parents

In a nod to traditional Indian family values, the government has also announced an extension of medical facilities to both dependent fathers and mothers of railway employees. This move acknowledges the crucial role of family in the well-being of employees.

Empowering the Education of Railway Employees’ Children

Furthermore, the government is increasing the scholarships for the girl child of gangmen and group ā€˜Dā€™ employees to `1,200 per month for higher education, ensuring greater opportunities for the next generation.

Improving Quality of Education in Railway Schools

To address the educational needs of children studying in 269 railway schools, a Railway Vidyalaya Prabandhan Board (RVPB) is in the works. This board will focus on improving the physical and educational infrastructure of these schools over the next three years.

Enhanced Access to Medical Facilities

Recognizing the challenges of accessing medical facilities in remote and inaccessible areas, the government has proposed the establishment of 20 Medical Road Medical Vans at different locations to address this issue.

Hostels for Children of Railway Employees

In a positive development, 20 hostels for children of railway employees have already been commissioned, with plans for an additional 20 to be set up next year, indicating a commitment to providing quality accommodation for employees’ families.

These announcements signify a concerted effort to enhance the overall well-being and opportunities for railway employees and their families. The government’s focus on health, education, and accommodation reflects a strong commitment to the welfare of those working in the railway sector.


The Indian Railways has announced several welfare measures for its employees and their families. These include an expansion of the Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme, improved medical facilities for dependent parents, increased scholarships for the girl child of employees, and the setup of a Railway Vidyalaya Prabandhan Board. Additionally, 20 new hostels for railway employees’ children have been commissioned. These initiatives aim to provide better healthcare, education, and support for the railway workforce and their families. The measures also signify the organization’s commitment to employee welfare and development.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What measures have been proposed to take for railway staff during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The proposed measures for railway staff during the COVID-19 pandemic include providing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves, implementing social distancing guidelines, and conducting regular temperature checks.

How will the railway staff be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Railway staff will be provided with PPE such as masks and gloves by their employers. Additionally, they may also be given hand sanitizers and disinfectants to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

What social distancing guidelines will be implemented for railway staff?

Social distancing guidelines for railway staff may include limiting the number of employees in common areas, such as break rooms and locker rooms, and staggering work schedules to reduce the number of employees present at any given time.

How will temperature checks be conducted for railway staff?

Temperature checks for railway staff may be conducted using non-contact infrared thermometers. Staff members with a fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to go home and seek medical attention.

Will railway staff receive any training on how to safely operate during the pandemic?

Yes, railway staff will receive training on how to safely operate during the pandemic. This may include information on proper hygiene practices, the correct use of PPE, and how to identify COVID-19 symptoms.

What measures are being taken for the mental health and well-being of railway staff?

Employers may provide resources and support for the mental health and well-being of railway staff, such as access to counseling services, mental health hotlines, and flexible work arrangements.

Are there any additional benefits being offered to railway staff during this time?

Some employers may offer additional benefits to railway staff, such as hazard pay or paid leave for those who need to quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19.

How will the cleanliness and sanitation of railway facilities be maintained?

Railway facilities will be cleaned and sanitized regularly to ensure the safety of the staff. This may include disinfecting common areas, workstations, and equipment.

Will there be any changes in the work procedures for railway staff?

There may be changes in work procedures for railway staff to minimize contact and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. This may include modifying schedules, implementing remote work, and utilizing digital communication tools.

What should railway staff do if they suspect they have been exposed to COVID-19?

Railway staff who suspect they have been exposed to COVID-19 should immediately inform their supervisors, self-isolate, and seek medical attention. It is important to follow the guidelines provided by healthcare professionals and the employer.


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